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The Bilbao University of Deusto was founded in 1886. It was built to serve two purposes: to give the Basque Country its own university, and to accommodate the pursuit of the Jesuits to establish an institution of higher learning in this part of Spain.

The commercial city of Bilbao (famous as a seaport) was chosen as the location, as it was experiencing considerable industrial growth during the time. The city had more than a million residents and a bustling metropolitan atmosphere. It was (and still is) one of the most strategic harbours, making it the centre of trade and finance in the Basque Country and throughout Northern Spain. It also has a very rich history, and is popular for its old buildings reminiscent of the Old Town Bilbao of Casco Viejo.

The Bilbao University of Deusto was the first university in Spain to offer a degree in Economic Sciences. In fact, it produced its very first batch of economists in 1916 - a quarter of a century before the degree was even officially recognised by Spain's academic community. In the earlier part of the 1960's, the Bilbao University of Deusto took in the Institute of University and Technical Studies of Guipuzcoa in San Sebastian as one of its campuses.

The university now has more than 1,300 students and about 50 faculty members. The Bilbao University of Deusto has a reputation for strictly following time-tested European modules while allowing for combined curricular designs, cross-border activities, and even integrated languages. The European credit system was adopted by the Bilbao University of Deusto some ten years ago, making it the first European higher learning institution to extend European credits to its faculty. The university has since been promoting the system and improving its quality.

The Bilbao University of Deusto is also famous for offering curriculums that harp on social topics such as distribution of resources, interdependency, human rights, migration, poverty and environment, development, society and ethics. The university also offers programs on cultural identity and European integration.

The university currently has seven faculties (colleges) offering allied programs:
  • Law
  • Philosophy and Arts
  • Philosophy and Education Sciences
  • School of Tourism (Bilbao)
  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Theology
  • Political Sciences and Sociology
  • Engineering


The Bilbao University of Deusto is famous not only for having advanced learning facilities, but also for its unique setting. The campus is a large complex made up of historical buildings and attractions that attract tourists and locals alike. The university has numerous period chapels, a famous main hall, a complete library and spectacular gardens.
The Arboretum carries more then 30 different species, more than 200 trees, and many varieties of plants. The Main Building (also called the Literary University) is the oldest building designed by González Montes and Francisco Cubas.

The university also boasts the Deusto Technological Centre and the Resource Centre for Learning and Research. Its unique classrooms are designed to foster teamwork, and are all equipped with wireless technology. There are numerous study rooms and workshops.

It is possible for students to stay on the campus, although many choose to lodge in private apartment blocks just a short walk away. Visitors to Bilbao will find plenty of budget options lying within the Casco Viejo area, while for top-end accommodation, the Hotel Carlton on the Plaza de Federico Moyua stands out. Basque villas are becoming increasingly popular in Bilbao, while further villas and holiday rentals are based in nearby San Sebastian and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Famous Students

Among the famous graduates of the Bilbao University of Deusto are José Antonio Aguirre, Basque president, Mario Conde, a world-renowned businessman and top graduate of his year in the university's Faculty of Law, and Espido Freire, a celebrated writer.

Contact Bilbao University of Deusto (Universidad de Deusto):
Address: Avenida de las Universidades, 24 48007, Bilbao, Spain
Tel: + 94 (0)4 139 052 / 53
Fax: + 94 (0)4 45 7854
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